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Learn the same strategies and systems that we have used to generate online sales of up to $1,000 per course registration for our clients!

Remember... All you need... is the idea.

Remember... All you need... is the idea.

Learn the same strategies and systems that we have used to generate online sales of up to $1,000 per course registration for our clients!
Do You Have A Product Or Service For Which An Online Certification or Training Program Could Substantially Increase Its Value?
Do You Have Clients Who Would Go Absolutely Bananas If You Could Help Them Deliver This Kind Of Value To The Online Marketplace?
Are You Ready To Take Your Knowledge, Experience and Talents On The Internet To Equip Others With Valuable Skills?

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Learn How You Can Turn Any Idea Into An Interactive Online Curriculum That Delivers Tremendous Value to Your Customers... And Generates Passive Income For You!
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Damien Jordan, Educator

  As a credentialed California educator and web developer, Damien has provided online curriculum development services to companies whose products and services have actually been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue magazine, Military Times, and other prestigious publications. 

  He has now created a streamlined system which enables anyone to develop their own interactive online curriculum. 

  All you need is the idea!
Could this be what you've been looking for?
   Depending on your skills and interests, a variety of exciting opportunities may become available as a result of your membership.

   Perhaps you are an educator and you would like to develop your own interactive online curriculum for use in your classroom for the classes that you teach and nothing more.  Perhaps you know that your skills have value beyond the classroom and you want to learn how to deliver that value to the marketplace in style.  Perhaps you are approaching retirement, and you are looking for something to do that is low maintenance.

   Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who believes that an interactive online curriculum would add value to their products and services and an element of prestige to your venture.  First of all, the working examples inside the members area of this website will confirm that belief for you in a big way.  Second, we can connect you with the people who can build your online curriculum for you.  Third, you will be able to access the training that we provide them—not necessarily to do the work yourself—but so that you can know what features to ask for when they do the work for you and advise them on the resources that are available to them.  If you are not interested in being the educator, the project manager or the web developer, then this is music to your ears.

   Perhaps you are the corporate executive of a nationwide organization who is planning to develop a new training program (or upgrade an existing one).  Make it easy for your team and connect them with others who have the skills to take the project from start to finish.  That's right.  You get to do what you love—delegate the whole thing—and save your organization time and money.  You could also save your company the "missed opportunity" costs—not to mention all the frustrations—which result from delaying your vision. 

   Perhaps you are a web developer, and you would like to make your services available to others who are specifically interested in developing an interactive online curriculum.  And, don't worry.  You are not going to be left to do all the grunt work.  Instead, you will learn how to get more done in less time than you thought possible.  It will be done so well that all you have to do is apply the finishing touches.  You will know how to increase your profits, and the heavy lifting will be done for a fraction of what you thought it would cost you.  Do you play golf?

   Perhaps you are a copywriter who has been quietly making more money in one month than most people make in one year, and you are looking for a learning environment through which you can teach others and scale up your business to a level that generates revenue beyond your individual efforts. 

   Perhaps you are a project manager who would like to bring your skills to the community.  The corporate execs and entrepreneurs are going to love you, because you know how to get things done.  The training and resources within this website will insure that you have what every project manager needs—a dependable team.

   Perhaps you are a marketing consultant who would like to add a curriculum development service—a new category of real, high value business solutions to the repertoire of services that you offer your clients.  Just imagine... You will not have to do any of the work, but you will get to mark up the price, deliver the work and keep the difference for a nice profit.  Smart.  Very smart.

   Perhaps you are a venture capitalist, and you can appreciate that a team which is developing an interactive online curriculum could actually be laying the foundation for something very special.
Are you seeing the value of this?
   You can literally take any idea and develop your own interactive online curriculum.

   The potential application and uses for interactive online curricula are truly unlimited, and this is true from so many different perspectives.

   When you get started as a free member today, you will discover many exciting applications and uses.

   All you need is one.

   But even if you are not sure how you would use this training, the training itself can inspire you with ideas that you already have inside of you that you may have even forgotten.

  All you needed was the training and the tools to draw it out.

   Now you have both.
"You must experience the breakthrough..."
Updated, Upgraded and Maximized...
The benefits of online curriculum development were recently featured by renowned radio personality Ed Tyll on Starcom Radio—a national broadcast which is syndicated across several time zones.
   Everything you need to get started is right here inside the members area of this website. This is your chance to make it happen, so take advantage of the opportunity now.
You Never Know How Someone Will Use This Training...
Damien Jordan, Educator
How Would You Use This Training?
Hi Friend,
   My name is Damien Jordan, and this training center so that you really can take any idea and develop your own interactive online curriculum.

   The working examples inside the members area will demonstrate that this can be very profitable.

   However, this training can be used very effectively for non-profit and purely educational purposes as well. So the question now is one which only you can answer...

   How would you use this training?
   While you are thinking about that, consider some of the working examples that are referenced in the training which is available through this website. As you will see, the results can truly be remarkable.
The Results Can Truly Be Remarkable
   When educators and entrepreneurs team up, the results can truly be remarkable.

   Case in point?

   When we developed the interactive online curriculum for KAATSU Global, one of the working examples within this website, we had know idea that it would actually be featured in the Wall Street Journal newspaper and website.

   Yet, here it is on the WSJ Video website...

   The KAATSU Global website is one of the working examples that is referenced in the members area of this website. 

   You will notice that WSJ video displays screenshots of this website in the video.

   And in the article below, you can access the full-blown story which appeared in both the print as well as online media of WSJ.

   The WSJ article introduced KAATSU to many additional market segments that would be interested in the KAATSU products. 

   After reading the article, many readers visited the KAATSU Global website to learn more.  While they were visiting, they also learned about the KAATSU Certification Program, which is comprised of an interactive online curriculum.
    Is it possible to leverage the sale of physical products through an interactive online curriculum?

   The answer is a definite yes.
Interactive Online Curricula for Sports
    Interactive online curricula can and have been used even in the athletic world. 

   For example, open water swimming is an Olympic sport—one which has been featured in the 2008 Beijing Olympics as well as the 2012 London Olympics.  Open water swimming events were also featured in the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

   With the growing popularity of the sport, the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) and perceived the need for a standardized certification and training program for open water swimming coaches, and this is another one of the working examples referenced in the members area of this website.
   The Coaches Education Program for Open Water Swimming is a highly-specialized, interactive online curriculum, and it is another working example of what can be done with the training which is available within the members area of this website.
    I have written three special reports for this training center.

   These are yours FREE
when you register for free right here at

   Each one is conservatively valued at $29, and each one presented in high quality, printable PDF format.

Three Good Reasons
SPECIAL REPORT: Three Good Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Develop Your Own Online Curriculum
The View From 50,000 Feet...

Figuratively speaking, this report is the view from 50,000 feet with respect to the benefits of learning how to develop your own online curriculum.  This special report is for educators, entrepreneurs, and everyone else.  Start with this one, and then proceed to the other two.  You will begin to understand that the possibilities are unlimited as new doors of opportunity open up to you as you consider how powerful it can be to develop an online curriculum.

Conservatively valued at $29.

A rare, well-written "must-read" special report on the topic with a unique and insightful perspective.

Get instant access to this report when you register for free right now.
Entrepreneurial Educators
Value Beyond The Classroom: How Exciting New Developments Have Made It Easier Than Ever For Entrepreneurial Educators To Take Their Skills Online
For Educators Who Want to Achieve More Than What Is Possible Within The Four Walls of the Traditional Classroom...

Entrepreneurial educators represent a rare subset of education.  Yet if that's you, then you already know who you are, and this special report will validate your heart's desires like no other.  No, you are not crazy.  You just understand that your skills have value beyond the classroom.

Conservatively valued at $29.

A rare, well-written "must-read" special report on the topic with a unique and insightful perspective.

Get instant access when you complete the two-step registration process and access the members area of this training center.
Ed-Tech for Entrepreneurs
Educational Technology for Entrepreneurs: How To Add Value To Almost Any Business Venture
For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Tap Into the Power of Online Education for Their Business...

Whenever you can add a certification program, an education program or a training program to your product or service, you are looking at an opportunity to increase your profits.  How's that for speaking your language?  Right to the point.  Bottom line.  We understand, and this special report will connect with you immediately. Plus, it's a "quick read," because we know you're busy.

Conservatively valued at $29.

A rare, well-written "must-read" special report on the topic with a unique and insightful perspective.

Get instant access when you complete the two-step registration process and access the members area of this training center.
Are You A Teacher?
   I'd like to take a moment to speak directly to teachers, because... well... I just need to reach out to you specifically if you are a credentialed teacher.  Before I do, I want to simply thank you for visiting this training center.  I truly believe that you will find free reports in the members area of this website to be quite insightful.  Moreover, they will show you some new ways that you can...
Cash In On What You Know And Love!
   Next time you’re sitting alone in your classroom, look around…

   Do you get that gnawing, sinking, almost empty feeling of despair and regret?

   Perhaps you ask yourself…
Is This Why I Became A Teacher?
   I’m betting your answer is “NO!”

   And I’m probably correct in assuming that you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all… frustrated by the seemingly pointless day-to-day grind… and paralyzed with fear that you can’t start your life all over again, because there just isn’t enough time.

   Well, I have GOOD news for you!

   Say good-bye to hopelessness, depression, and despair—and say HELLO to a “side job” career where you can exercise your BRILLIANT TALENT for teaching… and get PAID to do it “on the side”! And this is where I come in to show you how to put all of this together as you develop your very own online curriculum.

   If you haven’t heard of us, you’ve heard of our concept: Online Curriculum Development.

   That’s us.

   We are emerging leaders in this new industry where teachers like yourself can “moonlight” online—and make REAL MONEY—without it affecting your “day job” in any negative way whatsoever. In fact, it only has POSITIVE effects on the “day jobs” of every teacher who’s now involved with us! By giving yourself a positive “outlet” for your creative needs and sense of fulfillment, you can find online what you CAN’T or AREN’T getting at your day job.

   So… what do we do that helps you?

   It’s very simple.

   We have developed the training modules that can help you go from “A” to “Z” in the easiest, fastest, and most affordable manner possible. Our online training modules show you exactly what you need to know so you can set up your own online curriculum.

   When you go through our training, you can start as a “blank slate”—not knowing the first thing about computers, the Internet, the Web, websites, email, sales and marketing, etc., etc.
We can take ANYONE… at ANY starting point… and within just a short period of time, having that person UP AND RUNNING—and making REAL MONEY doing something they LOVE!
   Having your own online curriculum is the key.

   You get to teach something you LOVE—and get PAID for it!

   How much you make is entirely up to you. Some people who launch their own online venture find that—with just a little extra effort—they’ve been able to make their “side job” pay MORE than their day job!

    Wouldn’t that be great?

   Imagine, if you will, even REPLACING your day job with this online “side job” that turns out to be more successful than you had ever hoped!

   It’s easier than you think. And we show you HOW—step by step, every inch of the way.

   We do it through module-based training, which I’ll now explain to you in detail so you can see which level you want to start with… Have you ever wanted to learn something only to be inundated with so much information that you did not know where to begin?

   First of all, this training covers everything—but it is NOT overwhelming.

   You’ll learn what you need to know—and you’ll know what to do in the proper sequence. After all, it’s highly frustrating when you know what it is that you want to deliver, but you feel at a complete loss from the standpoint of technical know-how. That’s where our training modules come in. With expert video production, our fascinating and easy-to-watch video tutorials make it all come alive for you.

   You won’t have to wade through piles of manuals.

   You won’t need to be on the phone or re-doing your schedule to catch a live webinar.


   This will all be at your own pace, on your own schedule, with your own goals in mind.

   But what you set out to accomplish with us WILL happen. It’s just a matter of time. We even show you how to launch this new venture of your own on a teacher's income! You’ll be surprised at how astonishingly AFFORDABLE everything online has become. Nowadays, with a small investment of less than 2 weeks’ pay, you can be up-and-running in a matter of just 28 days!
You’ll prove to yourself that not only can you afford to do this – but you can’t afford NOT TO do it!
   Have you ever felt that urge to go beyond the four walls of your classroom – and really get the appreciation and recognition you deserve for your expertise and teaching skills?

   That’s what you can find when you build something for yourself – especially since your students and clients will be GLOBAL because of the Internet’s worldwide marketplace!

   Now you can finally get the satisfaction that has eluded you for so long.

   With Online Curriculum Development, you can buy your time BACK by delivering value to the world! The marketplace of ideas and knowledge is starving for what you can provide. And they want to richly reward you for doing so! In fact, there’s a GREAT strategy that many teachers have chosen as a way to build something meaningful and significant for AFTER retirement!

   Think about it: You have all this vast knowledge and finely-honed skills. Why let it all die with you? Why not create your Online Curriculum so that your legacy endures forever?! It gives you something to DO during your retirement years.

   As you may know, your mind doesn’t “shut down” after a retirement party – and you can go on overseas vacations only so many times before you start to fade. Don’t let that happen! By creating your own Online Curriculum now, you’ll have something to keep you active in the teaching profession—but this time as a “consultant” who can earn upwards of $70,000 a year!
Make $70,000 a Year In Retirement?
   YES! According to, the median annual income for a Curriculum Specialist is $69,868.

   So don’t ever say you have to “give up” and give in.

   You don’t!

   You can make your life more meaningful than ever before—especially since teachers like you will soon be in such HIGH demand!

   The economy is “getting revenge” for how it didn’t help the current generation of retirees prepare for retirement! We all thought it was going to be just like it was in our parents’ day. But now everything has changed—and there are more changes to come!

   It’s simply a prudent and wise investment of your time and effort to get this started.

   There’s no cost to register—because we want as many people as possible to benefit from this!

   Click here to register now—and begin a journey that will probably never end until the day you want it to!

Damien Jordan, Educator

   P.S. A quick word about myself and my qualifications, in case you want to know…

   Prior to Online Curriculum Development, I successfully launched similar online training programs that lead the users module-by-module through the process to get them from start to finish.

   I not only have the technical expertise—but I’ve also walked in your shoes.

   I’ve already done every single step of this process, and made sure it’s bug-free and foolproof. We show you how to do it ALL—without having to become something you’re not.

   You don’t even have to know the first thing about being a web designer. For maximum simplicity, I show you exactly HOW to delegate all the technical work.

   It’s all here—“from soup to nuts”—and all you have to do is learn and do!
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The information that you are about to access can show you how to deliver tremendous value to your customers through educational delivery systems and generate passive income for you!
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